Dude's Manual

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Dude's Manual

M , 105 mins

A comedy revolving around guys in college and their different approaches they use in pursuit of romance. He Xiao Yang (Dong Zi Jian) who has been single for four years suddenly finds himself in a dating rumor with Guan Xin (Elaine Zhong). In order to get rid of He Xiao Yang, Guan Xin agrees to help him chase after the goddess of his dreams, Li Shu Shu (Chun Xia) and devises the perfect plan. However, in the face of love, He Xiao Yang wonders whether the plan really works.

Ke Meng Rong
Main Cast
Dong Zi Jian
M (Crude sexual humour)
About Classification
Comedy, Romance
Release Date
Friday, 20 April 2018
Running Time
105 Mins

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