Gabriel and the Mountain (BOFA)

Gabriel and the Mountain

Gabriel and the Mountain (BOFA)

M , 131 mins

Fellipe Barbosa's follow-up to his much-acclaimed debut "Casa Grande" is based on school friend Gabriel Buchmann, who traveled to Africa and died on the slopes of Malawi's Mount Mulanje in 2009. Gabriel's outsize appetite matches his impatience to achieve his goals. He's set the year aside to travel the world, before heading to a Ph.D. program at UCLA. The film picks him up in Kenya, 70 days before his death, staying with a local family. After climbing Kilimanjaro in near-record time, he heads to Dar Es Salaam to meet girlfriend Cristina. Gabriel's joy in a sense of brotherhood, his hunger for new experiences and his love for Cristina give him depth. A moving look at the transformative nature of travel into the wild, colliding worlds, class privilege, and human unpredictability.

Fellipe Barbosa
Main Cast
Caroline Abras, Joao Pedro Zappa
M (Sex and coarse language)
About Classification
Release Date
Thursday, 17 May 2018
Running Time
131 Mins

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