Food Fighter (BOFA)

Food Fighter

Food Fighter (BOFA)

CTC , 86 mins

Ronni Kahn, founder of OzHarvest, is taking on politicians and big business to expose an inconvenient truth: that four million tonnes of edible food is discarded in landfill in Australia every year. Filmed over two years and across four continents, 'Food Fighter' follows Ronni's crusade as she partners with the United Nations, rubs shoulders with royalty and Jamie Oliver, rifles through dumpster bins and holds government to account. From the recent death of her daughter-in law to the very recent birth of her first grandchild, Ronni's personal rollercoaster runs parallel to her meteoric rise as the face of food waste. In the end, it reveals what sort of individual it takes to effect such profound change globally.

Dan Goldberg
Main Cast
Release Date
Thursday, 17 May 2018
Running Time
86 Mins

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