Tad the Lost Explorer: The Secrets of King Midas

Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas

Tad the Lost Explorer: The Secrets of King Midas

CTC , 85 mins

After Sara Lavrof discovers one of the three gold rings from King Midas' necklace, proving that this ruler who turned everything he touched into gold really did exist, Tad travels to Las Vegas to join his friend at the exhibition where this incredible archaeological discovery will be revealed for the first time ever. Tad and Sara's happy reunion turns sour when villain Jack Rackham and his crew of bandits steal the jewel and kidnap the young archaeologist, knowing full well that whoever puts the three rings from King Midas' necklace back together again, from then on will inherit his power and immense wealth. Tad will have to be cleverer than ever before in order to save Sara and destroy Rackham's wicked plans, as he travels halfway around the world, through Spain, Greece and Turkey, alongside his friends the Mummy, Belzoni the parrot, his dog Jeff and the latest cast of characters to join the adventure.

Main Cast
Animation, Family
Release Date
Thursday, 8 February 2018
Running Time
85 Mins

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