The Merciless (KFF)

The Merciless

The Merciless (KFF)

MA15+ , 120 mins

Jae-ho who only tries to be number one in his crime organization meets an ambitious newbie, Hyun-su, in prison. Jae-ho has never trusted anyone in his life, but after Hyun-su saves him from a surprise attack, they become loyal to each other and promise to work together. After release, they team up and try to take over the crime ring, but their ulterior motives slowly surface. Their relationship is shaken when they begin to discover what lies beneath their trust. One day, Jae-Ho meets new prisoner Hyun-Soo (Si-wan Yim). Hyun-Soo doesn't follow the rules of the prison and he doesn't submit to anyone.

Sung-hyun Byun
Main Cast
MA15+ (Strong violence and coarse language)
About Classification
Release Date
Thursday, 1 June 2017
Running Time
120 Mins

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