The Map Against The World: Gosanja (KFF)

The Map Against The World

The Map Against The World: Gosanja (KFF)

CTC , 129 mins

- At a time where maps weren't readily accessible for the public, 'Gosanja Jeong-ho Kim' sets out to walk across the Korean peninsula to make the Great Map of the East Land, with hopes of providing an accurate and accessible map for all commoners. In his obsession, he has neglected the upbringing of his daughter Sun-sil Kim and the people around him label him a madman. But driven by his goal, Jeong-ho endeavours to complete the template for his own block map of Korea. However several conflicting political interests and greed for power seek to impede upon Jeong-ho's mission.

Woo-suk Kang
Main Cast
Seung-won Cha, Jun-sang Yu, Ji-hyun Nam
Release Date
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Running Time
129 Mins

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