Girls Vs Gangster

Girls Vs Gangsters

Girls Vs Gangster


Xiwen has gotten engaged and her friends a.k.a. her bridesmaids take her on a bachelorette trip to Vietnam, where one of the bridesmaids, Xiaomei, is filming a movie. The rest of the gang include Xiwen's best friends, Kimmy and Jialan, as well as her fiance's little sister, Jingjing. At a private villa party in Vietnam, things turn a little wild as the girls party hard. The next day, the girls wake up hungover on the beach. Xiwen has a strange tattoo on her neck and Jingjing is nowhere to be found. They find themselves being chased by a local gang after that. With the help of a kind ex-boxing champ, the girls try to figure out what happened in order to find Jingjing and save Xiwen`s engagement.

Barbara Wong
Main Cast
Mike Tyson, Fiona Sit, Ivy Chen, Ning Chang
Comedy, Drama
Release Date
Thursday, 3 August 2017

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