Big Daddy

Big Daddy Movie

Big Daddy

PG , 138 mins

Big Daddy is a journey of love between the uncle Jordy (Mohd Nazim) and his nephew (Sartaaj Kakkar). The film explores the ups and downs they both faces after Jordy's sister Harleen (Ritu Sheorn) passes away from cancer - a single mother living with her 6 years old son in Australia. This emotional family drama will sweep you into another world of love and dedication towards relationships.

Imran Sheikh
Main Cast
Sardar Sohi, Mohd Nazim, Sabby Suri, Sartaaj Kakkar, Seema Kanshal
PG (Mild themes, violence and occasional coarse language)
About Classification
Comedy, Drama
Release Date
Friday, 21 April 2017
Running Time
138 Mins

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