Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes

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Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes


LIANNE (Judy Ann Santos) and GARY REYES (Joross Gamboa) were college sweethearts who got married after graduation because Gary got Lianne pregnant. They had a child: MACEY (Andrea Brillantes). Meanwhile, CINDY (Angelica Panganiban) met FELIX REYES (JC de Vera) because she worked as a secretary to Felix's mom (Carmi Martin). When Felix asked Cindy to marry him, she immediately said yes. After 5 years, they didn't have a child -- even if Cindy's mother-in-law kept pressuring her to bear a child with Felix. Lianne and Cindy were not related to each other even though both bore the surname Reyes. But because of one incident, the paths of the two women were destined to cross. Lianne and Cindy discovered that their husbands were having an affair.with each other. Apparently, both were closeted gay men and they finally decided to come out and admit to their wives the truth. The two husbands also decided to start a new life together and leave their wives. To try to win their husbands back, the two Mrs Reyeses decided to work together to ruin their husbands' relationship. They even hired an escort, STEVE (Nico Antonio) to try to seduce Felix. But Felix doesn't bite. Apparently the love Gary and Felix have for each other is too strong to break. In the end, Steve even became the witness when Gary and Felix got married in Taiwan. Out of frustration, LIanne vented her anger in an open letter to her gay husband that she posted on social media. It was a tell-all letter where she poured out all the pain that she felt. The post went viral and became a trending topic. Lianne won the sympathy of the public, but Cindy warned her that it's not that simple. Soon, things started to spiral out of control. Upon Gary and Felix's return to Manila, they were met by an angry mob that put their lives - and Macey's - in danger. In the end, even if it was very difficult for both of them, Lianne and Cindy realized that they had no choice but to accept and forgive Gary and Felix. And in so doing, the two women find their own freedom.

Jun Robles Lana
Main Cast
Angelica Panganiban, Judy Ann Santos
Release Date
Thursday, 1 February 2018

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