Heroine (AICE)

AICE Israeli Film Festival

Heroine (AICE)

E , 87 mins

Heroine is one of a new breed of film productions circling the globe. Its a full length feature made up of short films based around a particular theme. This production is made up of five short stories written and directed by five women directors. The titles of the episodes are the professions of the characters - the Officer (in a female military unit) The Babysitter (dressed as a giraffe throughout) The Nurse, The Stripper (trying to get her job back) and The Director. The production by Gaudeamus Productions who have mentored many Israeli filmmakers (including the likes of Ariel Folman of "Waltz with Bashir" fame) is a deliberate attempt to subvert a stereotypical treatment of women as being defined by their relationships. Its a funny and aspirational look at young women and their choices in a 21st century Israel. (2016)

Michael Vinik, Maya Dreiffus
Main Cast
Gili Beit Halahmi, Ravit Dor, Shir Abramov, Hila Shalev, Sharon Friedman, Kai Peker, Alena Yiv, Sophia Ostritsky, Yaakob Zada Daniel, Sivan Mast, Malgorzata Lipska Naama Preis
Release Date
Monday, 11 September 2017
Running Time
87 Mins

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