Ewa (AICE)

AICE Israeli Film Festival

Ewa (AICE)

E , 89 mins

Yoel and Ewa have been married a long time. One day Yoel learns to his surprise that he owns some property and that one of his tenants knows his wife.The production is a gradual unravelling of a mystery and shifts between Holocaust memories and the present time. Director Haim Tabakman says he wanted to depict "A moment in the life of a couple, when the human struggle to share an entire life with a person who is different from you comes to a dramatic edge." Tabakman made his feature debut with Eyes Wide Open which screened at Cannes. Ewa is his second feature and is an Israeli - European (Poland/Germany) co production. (2016)

Haim Tabakman
Main Cast
Avi Koshnir, Efrat Ben Zur, Gil Frank, Gaia Shalita Katz, Aryeh Hasfari
Release Date
Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Running Time
89 Mins

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