Bird in the Room (AICE)

AICE Israeli Film Festival

Bird in the Room (AICE)

CTC , 67 mins

This is the tale of the mysterious life and death of Tirza Atar (1941-1977), the daughter of one of the towering figures of Israeli and Jewish culture, the poet Nathan Alterman.Atar composed hundreds of poems and song lyrics, wrote popular children's books and translated theatre. Her short and turbulent life remains shrouded in mystery many years after her tragic death at the age of thirty six. The documentary fuses the life and work of this highly talented woman with the complicated relationship she had with her father, a national poet. The production features brief re enactments, that converge - along with song segments and archival footage - into a multi layered emotional journey to create a portrait of the life of a daughter and a father enmeshed in the world of literature. (2015)

Ari Davidovich
Main Cast
Release Date
Saturday, 9 September 2017
Running Time
67 Mins

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